Molecular Diagnosis – a Chance for Life
Raluca-Ioana Stefan-van Staden

Professor Dr. habil, Laboratory of Electrochemistry and PATLAB Bucharest,
National Institute of Research for Electrochemistry and Condensed Matter,
202 Splaiul Independentei 060021, Bucharest, Romania

Abstract: Early detection of diseases became in the past year a high request from medical doctors. Some diseases like diabetes, cancer, hepatitis, can be reversed, and cured in only one condition; to be detected at a very early stage. Different types of electrochemical sensors were developed for medical analysis to date. The only reliable class of sensors is the one of stochastic sensors.

Different stochastic sensors were designed, characterized and validated for the assay of biomarkers for diabetes, cancer, obesity, neurotransmitters in biological fluids.

The limits of determination obtained as well as the recovery tests performed proved that they can be reliable used for the assay of such biomarkers in biological fluids of adults and children. This is an advantage over the standard methods of analysis that cannot be always applied for analysis of certain biomarkers in biological fuids such as saliva.

The utilization of stochastic sensors increased the reliability of qualitative and quantitative analysis. They can be used for early screening and detection of different diseases.

Keywords: stochastic sensor, molecular diagnosis, screening tools

Prof Dr. habil Raluca-Ioana Stefan-van Staden – born on 16th of July 1969 in Campulung-Muscel, Romania is a Senior Researcher and Scientific Director of National Institute of Research for Electrochemistry and Condensed Matter, Romania, and Professor (promoter for PhD students) at University Politehnica Bucharest. The author and co-author of more than 240 articles (with an h factor of 29), in fields like electrochemical sensors, process analytical technology and flow systems, and spectrometry, of three book: “Quality and reliability in analytical chemistry” (CRC Press), “Electrochemical Sensors in Bioanalysis” (Marcel Dekker, Inc) and “Laboratory Auditing for Quality and Regulatory Compliance” (Taylor and Francis) as well as of numerous chapters in books most of them related to sensors technology, she served on the Editorial Boards of Preparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Marcel Dekker, Inc.), Sensor Letters and Sensors and Transducers Journal.
She developed new classes of sensors such as enantioselective, membrane sensors, diamond paste based sensors, and stochastic sensors for which she received numerous national and international awards: NRF President Award (South Africa), Exceptional Young Researcher of University of Pretoria (South Africa), Wilhelm Simon award – awarded by the ICSC – World Laboratory Lausanne, Switzerland, Raikes Medal awarded by the South African Institute of Chemistry, numerous gold medals and special awards at international fairs of invention, the highest being the Prize for the Best Women Inventorat International Invention Fair, Geneva, 2010 for a sensor that can detect at a very early stage (before the patient is clinically ill) the cancer.
Raluca was invited for lectures in Romania (Bucharest), Belgium (Antwerpen), Austria (Vienna), Israel (Jerusalem), South Africa (Pretoria, Wits), Turkey (Istanbul), USA (New Orleans, Boston, UC at Berkeley) and Australia (Perth) and she has more than 250 presentations at international conferences and symposium in Europe, America and Africa.
The chair of the Romanian International Chapter of the American Chemical Society, a member-at-large and member of the Executive Committee of Sensors Division of the Electrochemical Society, and a member of International Society of Electrochemistry and International Society of Bioelectrochemistry, she is the representative of Romanian Society of Chemistry in the Analytical Chemistry Division of EUCHEMs, and former secretary of Division V.1 General Aspects of Analytical Chemistry of IUPAC.Raluca received the B.Sc. degree (1992) and the Ph.D. degree (1997) in chemistry from the University of Bucharest, Romania, the B.Sc. degree (1996) in piano and musical education and the M.Sc. degree (1997) in musical composition from the Academy of Music, Bucharest, Romania. She did perform in numerous concerts in Romania, Austria, and USA. Raluca recorded for the National Romanian Television as well as for National Radio station, and her compositions were played on National Radio Station.