Submit a Paper to ARA Journal (new series)

ARA Journal, published under the auspices of the American Romanian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ARA), was founded in 1978 and edited by a few dedicated ARA members quite regularly until 2004 and after the last issue was published in 2009 covering 2005-2009 lapsed period,.
ARA, founded in California in 1975 by a group of American-Romanians, became an internationally recognized academic research and educational institution,  through its publications. From its beginning intellectuals of  Romanian origin, emigrants for political reasons to Western Europe or USA, hoping to continue their research there, in full freedom and at the highest level, were invited to publish research papers, historical notes, and reviews of new publications in ARA Journal. It has helped professionals of the Romanian diaspora to better integrate into the USA as well as in Western Europe world.

The new series of the journal aims at re-launching after seven years of absence the ARA Journal (new series) in two Sections, Sciences and Engineering and Arts and Humanities, in the present new international context, with an international Editorial Board. The “ARA Journal” name is maintained, to preserve the community of all professionals that during the past 40 years have been interested in the journal, either as contributors of research papers or simply as readers.

The ARA Journal (new series) intends to be an international high quality forum of sciences, arts and humanities research, by publishing original research papers, reviews of recent books or other publications, and historical notes, which undergo a rigorous Peer Review.

We expect to publish one volume per year, with two issues, one for each section, in both printed and electronic editions, supposed to appear during the summer of each year. Occasionally, a special issue will be devoted to a survey of the state of the art in a specific area of science, engineering, arts or humanities where fundamental progress has occurred. Other issues will celebrate the contributions of  eminent personalities, either of Romanian origin or having strong ties to the Romanian Schools.

The invitation to submit high quality papers to ARA Journal (new series) is addressed to both, professionals born in Romania and as well to others from the international community.

To comply with the Thomson Reuters requirements for journals evaluation, the ARA Journal (new series) publishes peer reviewed content, has an ISSN registered with the ISSN International Centre and  should include English language bibliographic information, Titles, Abstracts, Keywords, Cited references, and references in Roman script.

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