ARA Awards 1995-2000



Honorary membership in ARA

  • Mr. Miron Bonca – USA
  • Acad. Augustin Buzura – Romania
  • Dr. Ion Cepoi – USA
  • Prof. Ladislav Kristof – USA
  • Prof. Claude Matase – USA

The annual ARA awards

  •  Prof. Alexandru Codoban           – ARA Corresponding Member, Romania
  • Prof. Florin Ionescu                     – ARA Full Member, Germany
  • Prof. Cristina Mandravel            – ARA Corresponding Member, Romania
  • Mrs. Maria Minciu                      – ARA Non-Member, Romania
  • Dr. Sorin Radulescu                   – ARA Corresponding Member, Romania
  • Prof. Carmen Vlad                      – ARA Full Member, USA


In recognition of his distinguished contribution to the advancement of Scholarship in the Sciences and Humanities in the spirit of the free exchange of values and ideas :

  • Prof. Constantin CORDUNEANU – ARA Full Member, ARA Emeritus PresidentUniversity of Texas al Arlington, TX, USA.
  • Prof. Raymonde A. BULGER – ARA Full Member, USA.
  • Dr. Aleksandra GRUZINSKA – ARA Full Member and ARA Newsletter Editor, Arizona State University, AZ, USA.
  • Prof. Liviu MASALAR – ARA Full Member, Université de Liège, BELGIUM. Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 24nd ARA Congress.
  • Mrs. Gabriela CARP – ARA Full Member, Germany.


  •  Prof. Charles CARLTON – ARA Full Member, University of Rochester, USA, for his long standing interest in Romanian Studies. His many publications and the support provided to ARA
  •  Dr. Dan GRINDEA – ARA Full Member, USA, for his contribution to the volume of “Românii în stiinta si cultura occidentalã”.
  • Dr. Viorel ACHIM – Institute of History of the Romanian Academy, the Branche at Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA, for his studies and publications in history.


  • Dr. Vladimir TISMANEANU – University of Maryland at College Park, USA, for his book entitled “Fantasies of Salvation”, Priceton University Press, 1997


  • Prof. Sergiu BEREJAN – Academy of Sciences of Moldova, received an award for his valuable contributions to the Romanian Language.
  • Prof. Florea OPREA – ARA Corresponding Member, Rector of Valahia University, ROMANIA, and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 22nd ARA Congress. He was distinguished for his long record of research achievements and his support of ARA


  • Dr. Nicolas CATANOY – ARA Full Members, GERMANY


  • Prof. Claude MATASA – A.R.A. member, USA, received the award in recognition of his distinguished record in Academic, Technological and Business activities, and his steady support of A.R.A.
  • Dr. Florin DIACU – ARA member, CANADA, was honored in recognition his outstanding scholarly contributions to the modern theory of Dynamical Systems, as well as his interest and support of ARA Dr. Florin Diacu and Philip Holmes co-authored a book entited : Celestial Encounters. The Origins of Chaos and Stability. Princeton, NJ, Priceton University Press, 1996. This book is also available in Romanian translation.


  • Dr. Peter GROSS – ARA members, USA, for his authorship of Mass Media in Revolution and National Development : The Romanian Laboratory, Iowa University Press, 1996.



  • Marian ZIDARU – sculptor, România
  • Paul GHERASIM – painter, România
  • Emil CIOCOLIU – painter, Germany
  • Viorel FARCAS – sculptor, USA.