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  • 09:00
    The 41st ARA Congress, August 2-5, 2017, Palace Sinaia, Romania


    Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017
    09:00  – 14:00, 17:30 – 18:30
    Books on display: Romania – Ana Blandiana, Ioana Cretoiu (Casassovici), Ion Lazu, Lidia Lazu, Ana Trestieni; SUA – Ileana Costea, Dinu Leonte, Doina Uricariu; Germania – Livia Grama (Medilanski); Australia – Ben Todică
    Paintings: American artist Jerry W McDaniel (Book Illustrations for the Poems of Blaga and Blandiana)
    Photography: Romanian-American Artist-Photographer Emanuel Tanjala


    Mathematics Session Honoring Acad. Prof. Constantin Corduneanu:

    Chair Prof. Cristinel Mortici

    Morning 10:00 Alexandru Carausu Invited On Some Inequalities with Operators on Hilbert Spaces
    10:30 Virgil Obadeanu Invited The Evolution Of Differential Dynamical Systems With Variable Mass, As Viewed From An Arbitrary, Time Dependent, Reference System
    11:00 Acad. Prof. Mitrofan Ciobanu Invited Selections of Set-Valued Mappings via Applications
    11:30 Bianca Satco Invited Bounded Variation Functions and Regulated Functions – Applications To Measure Differential Equations
    12:00 Cristinel Mortici Invited On The Construction Of The Asymtotic Series
    12:30 Mirela Stefanescu Invited Some Properties Of Extensions Of Hyperrings
    Ends 13:00
    Minirecital of Music and Poetry
              Piano Recital at Six Hands: Raluca-Ioana Stefan-van Staden, Maria-Louisa van Staden, Frederick Ion van Staden, DUO VAN STADEN
              Poetry: Lidia Lazu
              Peles Castle Music Hall 15:00 – 17:00
    Welcome Reception
              Palace Sinaia  18:00 – 19:30




  • 09:00
    The 41st ARA Congress, August 2-5, 2017, Palace Sinaia, Romania


     Thursday, August 3rd 2017
    Opening Ceremony
        09:00 Acad. Prof. Constantin Corduneanu, Interim ARA President   Welcome Remarks




    Dr. Oana Leonte, Congress Chair    
    Plenary Session: Chair Dr. Oana Leonte
      Morning 09:30 Acad. Prof. Bogdan Simionescu Plenary Speaker Romanian Academy – 150 years in the Service of Romanian Nation
    Chemistry I Session: Co-chairs Session Dr. Speranta Tanasescu,  Dr. Valeria Harabagiu
      Morning 10:10 Speranta Tanasescu Invited Interplay of the Energetic Parameters with Microstructure,Synthesis Conditions and Different Compositional Variablesin Nanometer-Sized Materials
      10:35 Marcela Mihai   Biomimetics: Learning From Nature for Novel Bioinspired Material
    10:55-11:15 Coffee Break
      Morning 11:15 Raluca van Staden Key Note Speaker Molecular Diagnosis – a Chance for Life
      11:45 Ioana Popa-Tudor   Molecular Recognition of C-Reactive Protein, Adiponectin and Zn2+ in serum samples
      12:00 Simona Gurzu   The Role Of Tumor Cell Plasticity And Microenvironment Changes In Aggressivenes Of Malignant Neoplasms
    12:25 Sorin Stratulat Studies Regarding The Balneoclimatic Potential Of Cacica Salt Mine, Suceava County
     Ends 12:45
     Literature Session: Co-chairs Ion Hadarca,  Prof. Mirela Stefanescu

















    14:00 Ileana Costea Invited Reflections upon the Documentary Chuck Norris vs. Communism
      14:15 Ion Lazu Invited American Journal
      14:30 Florin Simion Egner Invited Contribution to the Historiography of Botosani City
      14:45 Mirela Stefanescu Invited Revisiting an Old Paper about Eminescu, Some Properties Of Extensions Of Hyperrings
      15:00 Dinu Leonte   New Shouts And Whispers ~ Strigate si Soapte Noi
      15:15 Ana Trestieni   The Poet and Fabiola
      15:30 Lidia Lazu Invited Jurnal I+II, Poems
      15:45 Ion Hadarca Invited Mircea Eliade and Bessarabia
      16:00 Ion Lazu Invited A Praise of the Romanian Language (Lauda Limbii Romane)
      16:15 Ileana Costea   The Sculptor-Ceramist Patriciu Mateescu At 90






















    Mioritic Space of the Romanian in Exile







    Moderator: Ileana Costea, Los Angeles, USA
    Session co-chairs: Ileana Costea, Los Angeles, USA

    Ion Lazu, Bucharest, Romania

    Long Distance Participant: Ben Todica, Melbourne, Australia
      17:30 Doina Uricariu Invited: Skype Matei Calinescu and Adriana Calinescu: two tutelary role models
      17:45 Livio Dimitriu Invited: Skype In The Labyrinth: Modern Office
    Ends 18:00
     Dinner: Palace Sinaia


  • 09:00

    The 41st ARA Congress, August 2-5, 2017, Palace Sinaia, Romania 



    Friday, August 4th, 2017

     Chemistry II Session: Co-chairs Session Prof. Dr. Raluca van Staden, Prof. Adj. Olt Geiculescu
    Morning 09:00 Acad. Prof. Marius Andruh Key Note Speaker From Homometallic to Heterotrimetallic Coordination Polymers. A Synthetic Challenge and Their Beautiful Properties
    09:30 Valeria Harabagiu Invited Silicon: from Silicates to High Performance Materials
    09:55 Olt Geiculescu New Electrolytes for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
    10:20 Livia Alexandra Gugoasa Fast Screening Of Blood Samples For P53, KRAS And CEA P: In Colon Cancer Patients
     10:40-11:10 Coffee Break
    Morning 11:10 Koos van Staden Invited Reliable, Sustainable, Sufficient And Convenient Devices And/Or Systems For Real-Time Interactive Monitoring And Control
    11:35 Liliana-Roxana Balahura Pattern Recognition Of 8-Hydroxy-2`-Deoxyguanosine In Biological Fluids P:New Nanostructured Materials Detect Dopamine In Biological Fluids
    11:55 Ruxandra Ilie Screening Of Whole Blood Samples For p53
    12:15 Grigorina Mitrofan Detection of C-peptide, insulin, leptin, adiponectin and CRP using stochastic sensors based on nanostructured materials P: Stochastic Sensors For The Detection Of L-glucose and D-glucose
    Ends 12:35


    Engineering Session: Chair Prof. Alexandru Salceanu
    Afternoon 14:00 Alexandru Salceanu Invited Man and life in daily electromagnetic environment
    14:20 Gheorghe Dragan HuPo Test – an Efficient Test and Training Procedure for Mental and Health State
    14:40 Vasile Badiu Invited The Fundamental Role Of Sciences To The Romanian Petroleum Industry
    15:00 Gh. Popa Invited Scientific literature – publication and access
    Ends 15:20
    Humanities & Economics Session: Chair Ruxandra Popovici




    15:20 Ruxandra Popovici Invited Educating English Language Learners for the 21st Century
    15:40 Emilia Oprisan Invited A Short Analysis Of Professional Self-Awareness










    On Professional Reasoning and Professional Self-Awareness



    Horia Cristea; Emilia Oprisan
    Moderator: Emilia Oprisan
    17:00 Marius Petraru Skype Romania’s Calvary: From Antonescu’s Political Regime to Popular Democracy (1944-1948)
    Ends 17:20
    Poster Session: Co-chairs Prof. Marius Andruh, Dr. Marcela Mihai, Dr. Speranta Tanasescu, Prof. Koos van Staden








    Amalia Gabriela Diaconeasa Disposable Stochastic Sensors for the Simultaneous Assay of Acetylcholine and Dopamine in Whole Blood Samples
    Grigorina Mitrofan Stochastic sensors for the detection of L-glucose and D-glucose


    Ioana Popa-Tudor Molecular determination of pyruvic acid in diabetic patients by using stochastic mode
    Livia Alexandra Gugoasa Heavy metals detections using stochastic microsensors
    Liliana-Roxana Balahura New nanostructured materials detect dopamine in biological fluids
    Ruxandra Ilie New Tools for Screening of Interleukins
    Georgiana-Luiza Arnold Determination Of Lead In Water Using Modified Electrodes Based On Phthalocyanine
    Ramona Georgescu-State A Fluorimetric Method For The Determination Of Nitrite In Water
    Ahmed Mukleef Determination of KRAS Using Graphite
    Ioana Adina Oancea Microbiological study: effect of pinaceae and lamiaceae essential oils on 3 bacterial germs
    Marcela Savin Poloxamer-Chitosan-Lactide Modified Cyclodextrin System for Transdermal Pain Therapy
    Ends 18:30
    General Assembly
     18:30 -19:30
    Banquet & Merit Awards


  • 09:00

    The 41st ARA Congress, August 2-5, 2017, Palace Sinaia, Romania



    Saturday, August 5th 2017

    Visual Arts Session: Chair Prof. Ileana Costea
    Morning 09:00 Jerry  W. McDaniel American artist Jerry W. McDaniel illustrating Romanian poetry by Blaga and Blandiana

    – 11:30

    Irina Margareta Nistor Invited Chuck Norris vs.Communism (movie, 80 min followed by Q&A) directed by Ilinca Calugareanu (premiere at Sundance in 2015)
    Closing Ceremony
    11:30 – 12:00